Six Me'ah Graduates to Be Honored at Spring Gala

Six Me’ah graduates who have made significant contributions to the Jewish community and society at large will be honored in May at Hebrew College’s annual spring gala. The honorees include Hebrew College’s director of adult learning, Bernice Lerner.

Notable & Quotable

Rabbi Elyssa Auster, Rab'11, director of Jewish life at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, Md., was named to the Jewish Daily Forward's list of America's Most Inspriring Rabbis for 2015. Thirty-three winners were selected by the paper, based on nominations from the public.


Three years ago, I was stuck. I had topped out at my job, unable to grow professionally without a degree in Jewish education. I have always been passionate about Jewish education, and wanted to do more, and to find a way to make a real impact on the field. I saw how my amazing colleagues, […]
“…This is the Torah of the burnt offering… let the priest wear his cloth garments…and lift the ashes from the fire that consumed the burnt offering… and place them near the altar” (Leviticus 6:2-3). When we think of sacrifices and gifts to others, we think of important things: objects of beauty and value, gestures that […]