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Fall 2012 Course Registration

To register for a course, please complete the following secure form. For general questions, click here for the Request Information form. Registration deadline for Fall 2012 courses is the first day of each course. After you register, please watch for emails that will explain in more detail what to expect next. After the course begins, a $50 late fee will be added to the regular registration fee. Late registration means delayed enrollment in the online systems and may result in delayed access to courses and online tools. After you register, please watch for emails that will explain in more detail what to expect next.

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» Bible

Bible 502A Genres & Themes of Bib Lit I

» Cantorial

CANTR 528 How to Chant Torah
  CANTR 552 Nusach for Festivals
CANTR 519 Basic Cantillation
  CANTR 517 Basic Nusach

» Education

EDUC 601 Models of Teaching
  EDUC 802 Lifespan Dvlpmnt & Case Studies
EDUC 592 Teaching Rabbinic Literature
  EDUC 578 Admin of SPED in Jewish Settings
EDUC 568 Basics of Assessment
  EDUC 707 Grad Rsch Smr: MJED
EDUC 534 Hebrew for Early Childhd Ed
  EDUC 915 Supervised Field EX I
EDUC 916 Supervised Field EX II
  EDUC 924 Supervised Field Ex SPED
EDUC 926 Supervised Field Ex Early Child I
  EDUC 927 Supervised Field Ex Early Child II


HEBRW 010 Mekhina Hebrew
  HEBRW 110 Hebrew I
HEBRW 111A Hebrew 1A
  HEBRW 111B Hebrew 1B
HEBRW 210 Hebrew 2
  HEBRW 211A Hebrew 2A
HEBRW 211B Hebrew 2B
  HEBRW 310 Hebrew 3
HEBRW 311A Hebrew 3A
  HEBRW 311B Hebrew 3B
HEBRW 410 Hebrew 4
  HEBRW 411A Hebrew 4A
HEBRW 411B Hebrew 4B


HEBRW 120 Understanding Hebw Txts: 1
  HEBRW 320 Understanding Hebw Txts: 3
HEBRW 520 Sources: Reading in Hebrew
  HEBRW 205 Hebrew 5
HEBRW 207 Hebrew 7


HIST 541 Text & Contxt: Biblical & Rab Periods


INTD 015 Jewish Life & Practice 1
  INTD 544 Jewish Art


JTHT 546 Jewish Thought in the Modern Age


LITGY 225 Liturgy & Poetry
  LITGY 590 Liturgy of Synagogue Service


MUSIC 511 Jewish Music & Spirituality
  MUSIC 301 Musicianship Skills 1
MUSIC 505 Jewish Music 1
  MUSIC 200 Voice Lessons


RAB 513 Introduction to Mishnah
  RAB 515 Ethics of the Fathers

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$100 if you are taking courses for credit or a combination of credit and non-credit courses.
$50 if you are taking courses for non-credit.
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