Certificates in Jewish Studies

For those who do not wish to pursue a full Master’s Degree, Hebrew College offers two certificate programs in Jewish Studies.  Each requires 15 credits of study in the chosen field, including one weeklong residential summer seminar. 

Social and Environmental Change Leadership

At Hebrew College, our commitment to the inner life is coupled with a deep and passionate sense of communal responsibility. We live in a world that is deeply in need of Jewish leaders who can not only identify and address pressing issues and injustices, but also organize and inspire individuals and communities to bring forth lasting change. The Social Change Leadership track is designed to give students the Jewish knowledge to impact and transform the world around them.

  • Inner Life and Social Justice Activism 
  • Organizing Skills for
    Social Justice
  • Torah for Transformative Social Change
  • Models of Jewish Social Justice Leadership
  • Judaism and Ecology

Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism

Devotion, the life of the spirit, and the quest to stand in the Divine presence have been a vital part of the Jewish journey since ancient times. This track is designed to lead the students on an exploration of the pathways of Jewish mysticism and spirituality from the Hebrew Bible to the present day. Through careful text study we will reflect upon the relevance of these teachings for our own lives, and examine how the wisdom of Jewish spirituality and mysticism can inform enduring human questions of meaning and shape our response to contemporary issues.

  • Spiritual Journeys: An Entry into Jewish Mysticism
  • Sacred Beginnings: Creation Theology in the Zohar and Safed Kabbalah
  • The Devotional Life: Jewish Spiritual Practices and the Mystical Tradition
  • Master and Disciple: Hasidic Wisdom and the Student-Teacher Relationship 
  • Holiness and Community: Sacred Fellowships in Jewish Mysticism
  • New Horizons: Twentieth-Century Spirituality, Neo-Hasidism and Modern Mysticism

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree from an Accredited Institution

Application Requirements

  • Completed application and fee
  • Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate study
  • Two letters of recommendation,  one academic and one professional
  • Two essays
  • Interview, in-person or by phone

Application Deadline

Priority application deadlines are May 15 for fall admission and Nov. 15 for spring admission. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis, though financial aid awards may be more limited for late applications.

Additional Information

Hebrew College may accept a limited number of transfer credits from other graduate institutions; official transcripts must be submitted for review.


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Hebrew College Admissions

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