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Journey Through the Bible

What they're saying

"Professor Brettler is a scholar with prodigious knowledge and endless enthusiasm." - Me'ah Online participant

Join other adult learners on a captivating journey through the Hebrew Bible. Professor Brettler’s scholarship will transform your understanding of the biblical past and shed light on the roots of today’s traditions and beliefs.

Familiar stories from the Hebrew Bible will emerge with new meaning as you:

  • Examine the diverse character of God in the Bible. 
  • Understand the influence of literary structure and genre on meaning in the Bible. 
  • Analyze how women and non-Israelites are portrayed.
  • Appreciate what was included and what was left out of the Hebrew Bible.

Download the course syllabus.


Course Length: 10 sessions
Course Fee: $45 per participant

Your Instructor

Professor Marc Brettler dithered

Professor Marc Zvi Brettler 

Professor Brettler is an internationally recognized Hebrew Bible scholar whose research is focused on the meaning of the Bible in its original context as well as how the Bible has been interpreted in Jewish and general tradition.

Become a fan of Professor Brettler when you listen to his interview on Fresh Air in which he discusses his popular book, How to Read the Jewish Bible.



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Me’ah Online is a program of Hebrew College. No prior formal Jewish education or knowledge of Hebrew is required. We welcome interested adult learners of all backgrounds.


Bernice Lerner
Dean, Adult Learning