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The online materials allowed me to bring a higher level of adult learning to my congregation.   - Blended Learning Facilitator

Blended Learning

Participating communities enjoy the best of both worlds – stimulating live discussions combined with full access to online course materials. Discover what blended learning can do for your organization.

Build community while learning from world class scholars.

Meet the needs of diverse learners with in-person and online options.

Customize a schedule and format that works best for your community.

What You Need to Know

The blended learning program provides your organization with a facilitation guide to focus in-person sessions as well as access to all online course materials for individual participants.

Cost: $45 per person | $40 per person for groups of 15 or more | $35 per person for groups of 25 or more

Program Length: Our online courses have ten individual modules. The blended learning program is designed to be flexible, allowing for four to ten in-person sessions.

Blended Learning: In-Person

Facilitators: Clergy, educators, or qualified lay leaders can facilitate in-person sessions.

Facilitation Guide: Our guides highlight key video segments, explore essential themes, and provide focused discussion questions for in-person sessions.

Format: Your organization decides the number, frequency, and length of in-person sessions

Blended Learning: Online

Online Learning: Participants can choose to delve deeper into online course materials on their own time.

Online Courses: The first two courses of Hebrew College’s renowned Me’ah program are now available for blended learning:

Register Your Group 

To start a Me’ah Online Blended Learning group at your synagogue or organization, contact:

Marilyn Stern
Blended Learning Manager

Me’ah Online is a program of Hebrew college. No prior formal Jewish education or knowledge of Hebrew is required. We welcome interested adult learners of all faiths.


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We are committed to supporting your Jewish learning with engaging and rewarding in-person and online experiences. 

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To learn about starting a Me’ah Online Blended Learning group at your synagogue or organization, contact:

Marilyn Stern
Me'ah Online
Blended Learning Manager