Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree: MJEd and MAJS

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The dual Master of Jewish Studies (MAJS) and Master of Jewish Education (MJEd) 45-credit program affords students the opportunity to acquire comprehensive Judaic knowledge together with educational theory and pedagogic application. The dual program features interactive hevruta learning, educational specializations, field experience and individualized student advisement. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of educational settings.

 Degree Requirements

  • 18 EDUC required credits
  • 6 Jewish studies/pedagogic application credits
  • 12 Text course credits
  • 6 History & Culture course credits
  • 1 Field Experience credit
  • 2 Graduate Research Seminar/Final Project credits
Degree Requirements: Complete Curriculum Grid (45 Credits Total)
Theory & Practice in Jewish Education (EDUC 570) 3
Models of Teaching (EDUC 601) 3
Seminar in Educational Leadership (EDUC 710) 3
Human Development & Learning (EDUC 802) 3
Special Education for Jewish Settings (EDUC 551) or other Special Education course 3
One residential seminar 3
Jewish Studies/pedagogic application credits (select two of the following):
  • Jewish Texts I: The Bible and Its Commentaries (BIBLE 603)
  • Jewish Texts II: Teaching Rabbinic Literature (EDUC 592)
  • Teaching and Learning of Jewish History (EDUC 591)
  • Jewish Life and Values (EDUC 625)
  • Spiritual Development in Jewish Education (EDUC 626)
Text courses in the following areas of study (select three 4-credit courses):
Bible; Rabbinic Literature; Exegesis; Hebrew Literature; Jewish Philosophy; Jewish History and Society; Liturgy; Jewish Mysticism or Hasidut (Two of these courses require a Hebrew language component)
History & Culture Courses:
Text and Context: Biblical and Rabbinic Periods (HIST 541)
History and Memory: Medieval and Modern Periods (HIST 534)
Field Experience (EDUC 915, etc.) 1
Graduate Research Seminar and Final Project
*Level 4 Hebrew required to earn degree










Barbara Selwyn
Director, Enrollment Management