Hebrew College Launches Heart-to-Heart: An Exploration of Jewish Spirituality for Christians


NEWTON CENTRE, Mass. — August 18, 2016.  In response to numerous inquiries from Christian colleagues and students over the past several years, Hebrew College is launching a new online educational platform called Heart-to-Heart: An Exploration of Jewish Spirituality for Christians (H2H). 

This is the first time a respected Jewish institution of higher learning is reaching out directly to Christian pastors, leaders, and church members to share some insights that may be helpful on their journeys as Christians. “This groundbreaking project invites Christians to explore the spiritual riches of Judaism with the guidance of outstanding Jewish scholars and educators who share their knowledge and experience with generosity and humility,” commented Rev. Soren Hessler, associate director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning and Leadership at Hebrew College.

“Our goal is to provide participants with compelling and informative Jewish materials that will aid them in their journeys as Christians,” explained Rabbi Or Rose of Hebrew College, who leads this new initiative. “We also believe that in the process of learning about various Jewish concepts and practices, students will gain a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity, and the beauty and vitality of each of these rich and complex traditions.”

The first course, “Foundations of Jewish Spirituality,” is inspired by the work of Rabbi Arthur Green, a leading contemporary theologian and rector of the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, and his recent book Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas (Jewish Lights Publishing). 

The opening lesson, available free of charge, is dedicated to an exploration of the Sabbath & Contemporary Life. Other lessons in this series include:

  • Joy: A Religious Imperative
  • Beautiful, But Broken: Healing the World 
  • Torah Study: The Power of Interpretation 

Heart-to-Heart is releasing a new lesson every 10 days. In addition, participants receive free complementary sources—spiritual reflections, musical meditations called niggunim, and scriptural commentaries all designed to enhance the educational content and foster additional contemplation—between release dates. 

The first webinar series, Calling Out from the Depths: Jewish Approaches to the Psalms, will be released in the fall of 2016.

Participation is entirely self-paced, and can be started at any time. 

All of these materials can be used for:

  • Congregational preaching
  • Sunday School teaching 
  • Worship and liturgy design 
  • Bible study and discussion groups 
  • Personal contemplation 

Each lesson is available for a modest fee, and annual subscriptions are available for individuals and organizations.