students studying in beit midrash

Joining the Conversation

Beit Midrash Serves as the Center of Learning, Community and Prayer

The beit midrash, or study center, is the heart of the Rabbinical School. It is a place of engagement — with Jewish tradition, with one another, with ourselves.

Talmud Torah: Learning

Using ancient books and modern laptops, students in the beit midrash immerse themselves in sacred texts, developing the skills and habits to make engagement with our inherited tradition a part of their lives in school and beyond. All questions are welcome as you seek wisdom that will help you on your path toward an authentic personal expression of Judaism — and the ability to lead others on this journey as well. 

Kehillah: Community

We gather in the beit midrash to study together, engage in communal prayer and celebration, and share the rhythms of the Jewish year and of one another’s lives. Our students and faculty call this sacred space their second home and see themselves as a community — both within and beyond the walls of the classroom and the beit midrash.

Tefillah: Prayer

In this spacious, light-filled room, we begin each day with vibrant tefillah that is both rooted in Jewish tradition and brimming with innovation. Students learn to tend to their own "n’shamot" (souls), cultivating Judaism as a spiritual practice, so they can sustain themselves as spiritual leaders and authentically guide others.

guiding the journey


As co-directors of the beit midrash, Rabbis Shayna Rhodes and Allan Lehmann guide students through every aspect of their religious journey.

“We are helping people who care deeply about matters they consider vital to the world and who want to ground that caring in the millennial Jewish conversation that is to be found in the texts of the beit midrash,” Lehmann says.

Adds Rhodes, “All along the way, students are encouraged to take risks and leave their comfort zone.”