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Rabbinical School Rector Rabbi Arthur Green's piece "American Jews After Pittsburg: Where do we stand?" appeared in the November 7, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Hebrew College Chief Academic Officer Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire’s article “What Studying Text can Teach Us About Our Place in the World” appeared in the November 2, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Rabbi Ayalon Eliach, Rab`18 co-authored the articles “Should You Get Election Day Off? This Jewish Organization Says Yes” and “Can Jewish Wisdom Help Save Democracy” in the October 23, 2018 issue of The Forward and the October 22, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy respectively.

Rabbinical sudent Sarah Noyo was featured in an October 19, 2018 story in the Worcester Telegram entitled "Reb Noyo shring love of Judaism."

Rabbinical student Rachel Putterman and Gita Karasov and the All Genders Wrap project were featured in the October 19, 2018 The Forward article "Laying Tefillin Isn't Just For Straight Men Anymore."

The Hebrew College Presidential Installation Ceremony was featured in an October 16 Boston Globe article entitled Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld Installed as first female president of Hebrew College, an October 16, 2018 JTA News Brief article entitled Hebrew College installs its first female president, an October 16, 2018 article in The Newton Tab entitled Hebrew College in Newton Installs First Female President and an October 18, 2018 The jewish Journal article entitled Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld installed as president of Hebrew College.

Rabbinical School Dean Rabbi Dan Judson was quoted in the Oct. 4, 2018 Jewish Journal article "Shirat Hayam announces move to voluntary dues." 

President Sharon Cohen Anisfeld is mentioned in an Oct. 8, 2018 Jewish Journal article about Harvard University's new President Larry Bacow. The article, entitled, " Bacow bring Jewish spirit of inclusion to Harvard community, mentions Bacow's Hebrew College connections, including his serving on the Board of Trustees, his 2004 honorary degree from the College, and his attendance at President Anisfeld's inauguration on Oct. 15, 2018.

Rabbinical School alum Rabbi David Cohen Henriquez was featured in the Oct. 4, 2018 Jewish Journal article "Being God's hands: three faiths unite to end hunger on the North Shore."

The article “The Legacy of My Jewish Education: Lessons for Today” by Paula Jacobs, graduate of Hebrew Teachers College (now Hebrew College) appeared in the Oct. 8, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

The 5779 Kol Nidre sermon delivered by Rabbi Adina Allen, Rab`14 to the Berkeley Community appeared in the October 5, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy. The sermon was entitled "Turn it and Turn it: Text Study as a Practice for Life."

Rabbinical student Misha Clebaner's piece "How my (Prayer) Life Chnaged When I Stopped Trying to Change" appeared in the October 8, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Dr. Keren McGinityDirector of Hebrew College's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program (IFJE) was featured in an October 4, 2018 article in The Times of Israel Jewish Week entitled "For Young Jews, Kavanaugh hearings are a 'Wake-up Call.'"

Rabbi Adina Allen, Rab`14, co-founder of The Jewish Studio Project, was featured in The Jerusalem Post article "Wrestling with faith" on Sept. 6, 2018.

Rabbi Phil Bressler, Rab`18 was featured in a Sept. 24, 2018 article in the Corvallis Gazette & Times entitled, "A different kind of rabbi." Bressler is the rabbi at Temple Beit Am in Corvallis, OR.

Rabbi Bryan Mann, Rab`18, was featured in a Sept. 26, 2018 Tampa Bay Times article entitled "Rainbow yarmulke signals arrival of new rabbi at Brandon's Beth Shalom." Mann serves Congregation Beth Shalom in Brandon, FL.

Dr. Keren McGinity, Director of Hebrew College's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program (IFJE) was featured in a a September 17, 2018 article in Moment Magazine entitled "What's the best way to say #MeToo?"

Rabbinical School alum Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz, Rab`10 and her eco-friendly tashlich practice were featured in a September 4, 2018 JTA article entitled "A Jewish atonement ritual (not the chicken one) gets an eco-friendly  makeover."

Eser's Sara Gardner was featured in the September 32018 issue of The Forward in an article entitled " For Centuries, Spanish Jews Have Held Rosh HashanahSeders." for her research on Sepharidic Jewish food and and her recently published cookbook, "The Rosh Hashanah Seder Cookbook: Stories & Recipes From the Reform Jewish Community of Madrid."

Cantor Vera Broekhuysen, Can`16, was featured on the front page of the July 20, 2018 The Jewish Advocate (paid subscription only) in a story entitled "Area clergy protest separation at US-Mexico border."

Rabbi Josh Breindel, Rabbinical School grad, was featured in an August 2018 Metrowest Daily News article entitled "New Sudbury rabbi aims to show Judaism as 'vibrant'."

Rabbinical School 2009 alumna Rabbi Alyson Solomon was interviewed in a August 3, 2018  JTA article entitled "Living with the Volume Turned Up."

Rabbinicl School alumnus and Parenting Through a Jewish Lens instructor Rabbi Philip Sherman's article "Gratitude in the Morning" was featured in the July 12, 2018 issue of

Rabbinical student and Director of Learning and Strategic Communications at the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah Ayalon Eliach's article "Learning Together and from Jewish Wisdom to Elevate American Democracy" was published in the April 25, 2018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Dr. Keren McGinity, Director of the Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program was featued in an April 13, 2018 article in the Omaha Jewish Press entitled, "Interfaith Marriage Historian  Keren McGinity  Scholar-in-Residence at  Beth El."

President-Elect Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld was featured in a Feb. 132018  article in The Forward entitled, "An Interview with Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, the First Woman to Head Hebrew College."

Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz's article "Another Kind of Birthright" appeared in the Jan. 242018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Rabbi Adina Allen, Rab`14 and The Jewish Studio Project, which she, co-founded with her husband Jeff Kasowitz, were featured in a January 11, 2018 JTA article entitled, "This art studio in Berkeley is combining  painting and prayer."

Rabbi Dan Judson's appontment as the new Dean of the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College was featured in the Jan. 52018 issue of eJewish Philanthropy and the Jan. 26 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Rabbi Dan Judson's was featured in the Nov. 9, 2017 Jewish Standard article "No dues is good news."

Rabbinical School Dean Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld's appointment as the next President of Hebrew College was featured in several publications including The Chornocle of Higher EducationeJewish Philanthropy, The Jewish Journal, The Jewish Advocate (paid subscription only) and

Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum, Rab`13 was featured in a Nov. 8 story, “She's an African American rabbi with Southern Baptist roots.

David Cohen-Henriquez, Rab`09 was featured in The Jewish Journal’s, Manna rains on Marblehead interfaith project. The article chronicles the development of an interfaith initiative between Marblehead ‘s Temple Sinai, led by Cohen-Henriquez, and Clifton Lutheran Church, led by Pastor Jim Bixby. The result of the collaboration is The Manna Project which is characterized by a pulpit exchange, a Harvest Festival, and a food-packing event to benefit the needy in Lynn.

Rabbi Lev Mierowitz Nelson, Rab'13 was featued in a Nov. 13 eJewish Philanthropy article entitled "Five Rising Jewish Educators Receive 2017 Pomengranite Prize." Rabbi Nelson received the award from the Covenant Foundation for his work as Director of Education at T'ruah.

Dr Keren McGinity, Director of the Shoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program was a contribute to the Nov. 6, 2017 Moment Magazine article "Is Intermarriage Good for the Jews?"

Rav-Hazzan Aliza Berger, Rab`17, was featured in a Sept. 7 article in her undergraduate alumni magazine, Vanderbilt Magazine, entitled "Aliza Berger, BMus'11: Sermons in Song."

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens Program Coordinator Erica Streit-Kaplan's piece "13 Lessons Learned  from Parenting Through a Jewish Lens in its B'nai Mitzvah Year" appeared in the August 10 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Rachel Raz, Director of the Early Childhood Institute at the Shoolman School, wrote "Jewish Early Engagement Forum One year Later: Dayenu? Is it Enough?" which was published in the August 7 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

Rav-Hazzan Aliza Berger, Rab`17, Can`17 was featured in the July 30, 2017 Boston Globe Metro section "Up Close" article entitled " Newton's Temple Emanuel to boasts rare rabbi-cantor. 

Director of the Shoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program Dr. Keren McGinity and the program were featured in a July 17 front page article in The Jewish Voice entitled "CJE  Brings Interfaith Family Education to the Forefront."

News coverage of President Daniel Lehmann stepping down from Hebrew College's presidency included July 12 articles in The Boston Globe and eJewish Philanthropy; July 11 articles in The Forward and The Jewish Advocate (paid subscription only); and mentions on the July 12 episode of PBS's television show Greater Boston and the July 13 episode of WBUR Boston Radio's Morning Edition (segment begins as 23:06.)

Dr. Keren McGinity, Director of the Shoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program, wrote the article "If Jews are People of the Book, Why Aren't We Studying Intermarriage?" which was published in the June 30 issue of Lilith Magazine and the July 5 issue of eJewish Philanthropy.

The Jewish Advocate (paid subscription only) featured The Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston in a June 2 article entitled, "To learn giving, teens grant $47K." The Jewish Teen Foundation is a year-long program for Jewish high school students from across the metro Boston area. In the past year, 55 teens in two philanthropy boards, one based at Prozdor of Hebrew College and one at Gann Academy.

Dean of the Rabbinical School Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld's article "Messy over Messianic" was published in the June 15 issue of Sh'ma, A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities hosted by The Forward. "What captured my imagination about Israel in my youth — and has claimed my heart ever since — was not the promise of redemption, but the drama of human connection and aspiration," writes Rabbi Anisfeld.

2015 School of Jewish Music alumna Cantor Risa Wallach's article "What's it Like to Be a Queer Female Cantor" appeared in the June 10 issue of The Forward.   

Shoolman School faculty member Allison Kent's article "Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement" was  published in the June 8 issue of The Jewish Federation of North America blog. 

An article about Hebrew College's 92nd Commencement entitled "Hebrew College Holds Commencement Exercies" was featured in the June 26, 2017 edition of The Newton Tab.

Rabbi Dr. Dan Judson, Director of Professional Development & Placement for the Rabbinical School and an expert on synagogue dues, was featured in a June 2 New York Jewish Week article entitled, "Synagogues Upending Old Model for Dues."

Rabbinical School student Jevin Eagle was featured in the Boston Globe May 27 Metro section cover story, “Boardroom to bimah” about his new position as executive director of BU Hillel. Eagle and soon-to-be-alumnus Elie Lehmann were also featured in the May 27 Jewish Advocate and in a June 5 BU Today story entitled, "BU Hillel's New Executive Director Follows his Dream." about their new roles at BU Hillel. Additional coverage on Eagle can be read in the Needham Times, and on both Eagle and Lehmann in MA Jewish Ledger and on Newton Patch.

Rabbi Steven Abraham, a student in our inaugural Interfaith Jewish Families Engagement (IFJE) cohort, wrote about keeping an eye toward history while acknowledging the realities of our modern world in It’s Time to Say ‘Yes,’ published in eJewish Philanthropy.

Rabbi Dan Judson, Rabbinical School Director of Professional Development and Placement, co-authored  Connections, Cultivation and Commitment: New Insights on Voluntary Dues, published this week on eJewish Philanthropy. 

Rabbinical students Jevin Eagle and Elie Lehmann were featured in several articles about them taking on new leadership roles at Boston University Hillel including The Jewish Advocate (read full article), The Patch, and The Needham Times.

Hebrew College Rabbinical School student Ayalon Eliach was featured recently in eJewishPhilanthropy. In his essay, "Bridging Generations, Building Jewish Lives" (previously published in Contact), Ayalon discusses his experience as Rabbinic Educator for DOROT’s Jewish Summer Teen Internship Program and the impact it had on its students.

Barbara Merson, PhD candidate in joint Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education-Lesley University program was  featured in eJewish Philanthropy. Barbara is the Executive Director of the Maine Jewish Film Festival and, in "Maine Jewish Film Festival Celebrates 20 Years of Community Engagement," she shares her insights on the festival's 20 years of success in what many would consider to be a seemingly challenging region. 

Cantor Vera Broekhuysen, Can'16 is quoted in a May 5 The Jewish Advocate article (paid subscription only) about sanctuary entitled, "Merrimack Jews aiding undocumented immigrants."

Dr. Keren McGinity’s blog post “Let’s Stop Romanticizing the Jewish Womb” appeared in the Spring 2017 print issue of Lilith magazine as “Interfaith Parenting: Jewish Fatherhood Needs a Makeover” (pp. 8-9). McGinity is director of the Shoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement Program.

Rabbinical School student and former CEO of DAVIDsTEA Jevin Eagle was featured in an April 24, 2017 article entitled "Bu Hillel announces new executive director."

An article by Arielle Levites, visiting professor of Jewish Education at the Shoolman School, entitled "Can the 'Spiritual Left' Make The Change They Wish to See?" was published in the April 9, 2017 issue of Religion Dispaches.

Rachel Raz, Director of the Early Childhood Institute at Hebrew College, had an article published on March 27, 2017 in Jeducation World entitled "Ayeka,  Where are you" (Genesis 3:9).

Rabbi Or Rose, Director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership, and Celene Ibrahim, Islamic Studies Scholar-in-Residence, were quoted in a March 27 Boston Globe article entitled "Muslim and Jewish communities bond amid fear." The article highlighted their work to promote greater understanding between Jews and Muslims.

Jewish Studio Project Co-Founder & Creative Director Rabbi Adina Allen, Rab'14 was featured in the  March 15, 2017  EJewish Philanthropy article "Open Dor Project Announces its First Cohort of Spiritual Startrup Leaders/Communities." Rabbi Allen is among the first recipients of this award.

"Jewish fatherhood needs a makeover," writes Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement Director Dr. Keren R. McGinity in a Feb. 17 Lilith Magazine article entitled "Let's Stop Romancing the Womb."

Jewish Studio Project co-founder & creative director Rabbi Adina Allen, Rab'14 article "Is, Was, Will Be" appeared in the Feb. 12 issue of The Forward's Sh'ma Now: A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities.

Cantor Louise Treitman, Adjunct Instructor of Jewish Music at the School of Jewish Music at Hebrew College, published "Off the Deep End! The Mikvah Has Left the Building'" on Feb. 1 in the Mayyim Hayyim blog.

Celene Ibrahim, Miller Center of Interreligious Learning & Leadership at Hebrew College Islamic Scholar-in-Residence. Ibrahim was part of a recent dialogue between a handful of Boston Muslim leaders, the Cardinal, the Governor and the Mayor. The dialogue was featured in a Feb. 2 Boston Globe story entitled, "Cardinal O’Malley stands in solidarity with Muslims over travel ban."

Hebrew College Chief Academic Officer Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire's article "Those Who Can...Will Teach! The Jewish Day School Teacher Re-Design 2017" appeared in the Feb. 3 issue of EJewish Philanthropy.

Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz's article "Who will Guide and Nourish and Love the Next Generation?" appeared in the Feb. 3 issue of EJewish Philanthropy."

The Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement (IFJE) program and its director, Dr. Keren McGinity, were featured in a Jan. 31 The Forward article entitled, "Study of Jewish Intermarriage Get Much-Needed Update."

Rabbinical School student Jessica Goldberg was featured in a Jan. 30 The Forward article entitled "A Radically Egalitarian Wedding." In the article, Goldberg said, “Given our shared values, there was never a question whether [the wedding] was going to be radically egalitarian,...The question was just how traditional we wanted it to be at the same time.”

Dr. Rabbi Michael Shire, Chief Academic Officer at Hebrew College, and Dr. Keren McGinity, Director of the Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement Program, published "Why would a Graduate School of Jewish Education Teach about Intermarriage?" in the Jan. 30, 2017 issue of eJewish Philanthropy. 

Hebrew College, as a signatory on the Boston Jewish Communal Joint Statement on Immigration and Refugees, stands with Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston and other Massachusetts Jewish institutions to urge our country's administration "to open the gates of compassion to those seeking safety, regardless of their faith or country of origin." The statement was released on Jan. 30, 2017. VIew the PDF.

Rabbinical School alumnus Rabbi Van Lanckton, Rab'09's article "Fake news and Jewish Truth" was published in the Jan. 6, 2017 edition of The Jewish Advocate. "Speaking only the truth is one of the highest Jewish ethics. The Hebrew word for 'truth' is emet. In Yiddish, it’s emess, as in, 'I’m telling you, it’s the emess,'" says Rabbi Lanckton.

 Shoolman School Adjunct Instructor Ronit Zvi-Kreger's article "Implementing Project-Based Learning in Congregational Schools" was published in the NewCAJE journal "The Jewish Educator." Zvi-Kreger designs and facilitates project-based learning training for the Shoolman School's Congregational Educational Initiative (CEI) project.

Rabbi Alana Alpert, Rab'14 was featured in a Jan. 10 article in the Detroit Jewish News entitled "36 Under 36: Rabbi Alana Alpert." An advocate for social change, Rabbi Albert works at Temple T'chiyah in Detoit as a rabbi and community organizer.

Dr. Keren McGinity, director of the Shoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program was featured in a Jan. 3 article in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent entitled "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Chrismukkah —But Don't Call It That."

Shoolman Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz and Nina Wugmeister co-wrote "Bringing Israel to Manchester Vermont: Pilot Summer Camp Program" in the Dec. 23 issue of eJewish Philanthropy. In the article, Raz writes, "I told Nina that I would like to bring Israel to Vermont. I wanted to bring them a sense of the vibrancy of Israel, which would help inspire the kids to connect with Israel."

Dr. Keren McGinityShoolman School's Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program , was featured in Dec. 21 Baltimore Jewish News article entitled, "The December Dilemma. How interfaith families make the holidays meaningful." In the article, Dr. McGinity says, “It is important to try to recast what has sometimes been referred to as ‘December Dilemma’ to ‘December Delights.’”

Rabbinical School Rector Rabbi Arthur Green's article "The Pull of our Inclinations: Steering Away from the Binary View of Good and Evil" was published in the Dec. 13, 2016 issue of The Forward's online publication Sh'ma Now: A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities.

Joshua Jacobson, visiting professor and senior consultant in the School of Jewish Music at Hebrew College, was featured in the Dec. 13 Newton Tab article "Newton artist receives lifetime achievment award." Jacobson, who is the founder and artistic director of the Zamir Chorale of Boston recieved the 2016 Choral Arts New England Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rabbi Or Rose, Hebrew College Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership Director was featured in several Boston news outlets in a story about the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization's (GBIO) and its allies event "Out of Many, One": An Interfaith Call for Dignity and Diligence held on Dec. 11. Rabbi Rose, who helped organize the event and draft the official "Out of Many, One" statement, was one of the speakers at the event. The event recieved press in The Boston Globe, WBUR's Morning Edition, Fox 25 News, NECN, CBS Boston, NBC Boston, and the Associated Press.

A Dec. 2016 Jewish Journal article featured Hebrew College's fall CEO Forum with a photo and article entitled "Business Leaders speak at Hebrew College." The article reviewed the event, which featured venture capitalist David Fialkow, founder of General Catalyst and entrepreneurs Andy Duvine, founder of Duvine Cycling + Adventure Co. and Rob Biederman, founder of Catalant.

In Nov., 2016, The Hebrew College Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership partnership with the Boston University School of Theology was featured in several news outlets, including the Newton TabNewton Patch, The Jewish Advocate, and The BU School of Theology News

School of Jewish Music alumna Cantor Hinda Eisen Labovitz's article "The Day After: What Do We Say to Our Children" was published in the Nov. issue of The Times of Israel.

Hebrew College's event with Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz was featured in a September 23, 2016 article in the Newton Jewish Journal entitled, "Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz can't stop giving."

Hebrew College's event "Deathbed Wisdom" and Rabbinical School alumnus Rabbi Joel Baron were featured in the Jewish Journal article "Deathbed Wisdom:" Rabbi Lives with Death on Sept. 9, 2016.

Hebrew College's Parenting Through a Jewish Lens program was featured in a Sept. 23, 2016 The Boston Globe article entitled "Got a parenting problem? Maybe Moses can help."

Rabbi Ariel Mayse, Director of Jewish Studies at Hebrew College, was featured in an August 26 front page article in the Newton Jewish Journal entitled, "KAIA! Newton Rabbi's Curious Path to Judaism. Ariel Mayse: a doctor, a rabbi, a family guy."

President Rabbi Daniel Lehmann was quoted in an August 20 Boston Globe article entitled "Postcards from a journey of remembrance and hope" about the German Consulate of Boston trip he took with 11 other Boston-area rabbis to Germany this summer. Read more of President's reflections form the trip on the Hebrew College blog.

Hebrew College and its Prozdor and Makor programs were featured in an Aug. 8 Weston Patch article entitled "New Partnership with Or Atid, Wayland and Hebrew College a Breakthrough in Children's Jewish Education." Hebrew College will help provide Jewish education for the synagogue's 2016-17 children's education program called the Learning Lab.

The Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education's Early Childhood Institute (ECI) Jewish Early Engagement Forum (JEEF) National Symposium, held in July at Hebrew College, was featured in an August 5 article in The Jewish Advocate. Pictured: ECI Director Rachel Raz.

Linna Ettinger, assistant director of the Shoolman School's Early Childhood Institute (ECI), co-wrote a July 28 EJewish Philanthropy article "A Time for Familes to Be at the Center," about the ECI hosted JEEF Conference.

Rabbinical School alumnus David Fainsilber was featured in a July 14 Boston Globe article entitled "In Stowe, Vt., A jewish commnity rises like the mountains," which highlighted the growth of The Jewish Community of Greater Stowe under his leadership.

Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership Islamic scholar-in-residence Celene Ibrahim was featured in a June 27 article in The Forward entitled "During Ramadan, Jews and Muslim Share Dinner and Friendship - But National Effort Lags Behind."

Hebrew College's 91st Commencement and Ordination Ceremonies were featured in the June 9 Boston Globe article, "Speakers call for commitment to Jewish culture, faith at Hebrew College commencement." The story quoted President Daniel Lehmann, commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient Jane Eisner (pictured), and student speaker Orna Siegel, MAJEd'16. Commencement was also featured in a June 16 article in the NewtonTab.— Posted June 2, 2016

Hebrew College President Rabbi Daniel Lehmann was featured in the May 31 NewBostonPost article entitled, "Presidents of successful small religious colleges share insights."Discussing the history of Hebrew College, Rabbi Lehmann said, "We’ve always been oriented toward preparing and training educators and leaders from the Jewish community. Only now we focus on religious leadership at the graduate level." — Posted June 2, 2016.

An article entitled, "Bringing Israelis and American Jews Together in America" by Rachel Raz, director of Hebrew College's Early Childhood Institute, was published in the May 26 issue of EJEwish Philanthropy. — Posted May 26, 2016.

A May 23 EJewish Philanthropy article "Jewish Funders Network announces recipients of Matching Grants in honor of Genesis Prize Laureate Michael Douglas" mentioned Hebrew College. The Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education's new Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement program received one of these matching grants for this first in the world program. — Posted May 23, 2016.

The article "Who is the architect of early engagement" by Linna Ettinger, assistant director of Hebrew College's Early Childhood Institute, was published in the May 15, 2016 issue of E-Jewish Philanthropy. — Posted May 15, 2016.

Rabbinical School student Nate DeGroot was featured in a May 5, 2016 Jewish Journal article entitled, "A Rabbi Born of Epiphany." — Posted May 9, 2016.

Rabbi Hannah Orden Rab'10 was featured in The New Jersey Jewish News in an article entitled "Jews, Baptists break matzah together at seder of 'hope'. — Posted May 3, 2016.

First Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education Ph.D. program cohort member Barbara Merson's article "You Are What You Learn" appeared in the April 20, 2016 edition of EJewish Philanthropy. — Posted April 25, 2016.

An article entitled "When Ashkenazi Jews Eat Kitniyot on Passover, Is It Cultural Appropriation — from Sephardim?" by Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education visiting professor Arielle Levites was published in The Forward on April 18, 2016.— Posted April 18, 2016.

Hebrew College President Rabbi Daniel Lehmann was featured in Mark Oppenheimer’s March 19 New-York Times article  “Theology Schools, Facing Lean Times, Look to One Another and the Web about institutions that are breaking with tradition in order to survive, either merging, joining across religions or embracing distance learning. In addition to quoting President Lehmann, Oppenheimer wrote, "Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann, the president of Hebrew College, said that the interfaith relations offered by a consortium were integral to his school’s mission." — Posted March 21,  2016.

The Hevruta Gap-Year program, a collaboration of the Shalom Hartman Institute and Hebrew College, was featured in a March 17 Jerusalem Post article entitled “Running for the greater good.” The story, which was about 25,000 athletes from more than 60 countries who participated in March 18’s sixth annual International Jerusalem Marathon to raise awareness about a causes near to their hearts, mentioned Daniel Weininger, a 27-year-old Hevruta counselor, and 30 Hevruta students who ran to support Makom L’kulam, an organization which champions the rights of disabled children. — Posted March 18,  2016.

In her RAVSAK article "Planning the Unplannable: When Life Interrupts the Curriculum," Dr. Deborah Skolnick Einhorn looks at The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT), a RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network program funded by The Covenant Foundation. — Posted March 11, 2016.

Winnie Sandler Grinspoon and Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller z”l were featured in a Weston Wicked Local article on March 4 Hebrew College’s annual gala, “Celebrate 2016: Honoring Women's Leadership and Philanthropy” on March 22. Sandler Grinspoon and Greenbaum Miller will be among a group of four women being honored (Miller posthumously) with the Esther Award for Leadership and Philanthropy for their exemplary leadership at Hebrew College and in the Greater Boston Jewish community. — Posted March 7, 2016.

Hebrew College, Yosef Abramowitz and the College's upcoming "An Israeli Vision for Climate Change" April 6 event were featured in a March 3 article in The Jewish Journal entitled "Yosef Abramowitz: Energized to Change the World Through Solar." The article features a photo (right) of Abramowitz, an Israeli solar pioneer from Newton, with U2 singer Bono and Congressman Joe Kennedy, celebrating a new solar field Abramowitz's company Energiya Global Capital developed in eastern Rwanda.. — Posted March 3, 2016.

The Giving Tree and the Giving Educator" by Rachel Raz and Linna Ettinger of Hebrew College's Early Childhood Institute, was published in the Feb. 26, 2016 issue of E-Jewish Philanthropy. The piece also appeared in the Jewish Advocate the week of March 1,l 2016. — Posted March 1, 2016.

A Feb. 5 Jewish Advocate article [PDF] featured Hebrew College’s Leaders in Adult Learning Program (LAL), saying the idea for the program "grew out of a question that long puzzled Hebrew College President Daniel Lehmann: If Jews are indeed the People of the Book, as they are sometimes called, why are so few of them familiar with their most sacred text?" LAL was Lehmann's solution. The article also quoted LAL Associate Director Marilyn Stern, who said, “We’re always looking for ways to foster Jewish identity and create community that are not necessarily dependent on clergy and experts.” Also mentioned were several LAL Fellows including Yael Dvir, Anne Miller, Velda Shaby, and Mary Jane Suzman and a group participant Agi Sardi. — Posted February 8, 2016.

Celine Ibrahim, Hebrew College's Islamic Scholar-in-residence, published "Hijab Solidarity Day in Support of Religious Pluralism" in the Feb. 1, 2016 issue of The Huffington Post Religion— Posted February 2, 2016.

Hebrew College's initiative to teach Hebrew Online in a suburban Chicago-area school was featured in a January 27, 2016 article in World News Report and the Chicago Tribune. — Posted February 1, 2016.

Rachel Raz, Director of Hebrew College's Early Childhood Institute, was featured in The Jewish Advocate story on December 25, 2015 entitled "Israelis discover a 'different Judiasm' in the U.S. — Posted January 6, 2016.

Hebrew College Islamic Studies Scholar-in-Residence and CIRCLE co-director Celene Ibrahim's response to The New York Times Opinion Pages Room for Debate topic "Do Non-Muslims Help or Hurt Women by Wearing Hijabs?" was published in the January 6, 2016 online issue of The New York Times. — Posted January 6, 2016.

Rabbinical School alumna Rabbi Suzanne Offit Rab'09 was featured in a Dec. 18, 2015 Newton Tab story about her chaplaincy work at Roslindale’s Hebrew SeniorLife— Posted Dec. 22, 2015.

The Times of Israel featured a Hannukah video made by students in th Hebrew College-Hevruta joint gap-year program in Jerusalem in a Dec. 10, 2015 story entitled "New Hanukkah videos to get over the holiday hump." In the video, student sing “Al HaNisim." Watch the clip. — Posted Dec. 13, 2015

More than 100 religious and community leaders from all faiths gathered at Hebrew College on November 19 for “Human Dignity and Racial Justice: A Workshop for Religious Leaders,” The workshop was co-sponsored by CIRCLE (the Center for Interreligious and Communal Leadership Education)—a joint initiative of Hebrew College and Andover Newton Theological School—and Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, and was spearheaded by CIRCLE Co-director Rabbi Or Rose. — Posted Nov. 20, 2015

Hebrew College's recent "Scots Jews" event and Rabbi Michael Shire were featured in an Oct. 30, 2015 Jewish Advocate article entitled "Of kippahs and kilts: Hebrew College exhibit spotlights Scottish Jews."  The article, which reviewed the photography exhibit, said, "For Shire, the exhibition was a coming home of sorts as he was a part-time rabbi for the better part of a year in Glasgow. He said the exhibition showed how 'people individually and in small groups can succeed and flourish.'— Posted Oct. 29, 2015

 Rabbi Dan Judson, director of professional development and placement at the Hebrew College Rabbinical School, was quoted in an Oct. 28, 2015 Tablet Magazine article entitled "Over Dues" about "pay-as-you-wish" synagogue dues.  The Tablet wrote, "'The trend has accelerated,' Judson said, 'kicked off by the recession, but I do think there is a cultural element here.'" Judson is writing his dissertation on the history of congregations and money, and, according to the Tablet article, "he has become the go-to researcher on the alternative dues model." — Posted Oct. 28, 2015

Rachel Adelman, assistant professor of Bible, has published a book, "The Female Ruse: Women's Deception and Divine Sanction in the Hebrew Bible," through Sheffield Phoenix Press. In so many of the Bible's central stories, women — from Eve, to Bathsheba, to Esther — dissemble. And yet, paradoxically, their lies often lead to redemption. In "The Female Ruse," Adelman explores this dichotomy, in which deceptive women, while undoing the best-laid plans of men, operate in the service of divine will.— Posted Oct. 27, 2015

"The vitality of American Judaism will depend on nurturing talented and thoughtful people," writes Hebrew College President Daniel Lehmann in the Oct. 18, 2015, E-Jewish Philanthropy article  "Statement on Jewish Vitality: What Does a Compelling Vision and Strategy for the Future Require? Read the article here. — Posted Oct. 18, 2015

Dayna Bailen, who is in her final year of Hebrew College’s cantor-educator program, has been named the Ahavath Torah Congregation director of education at the Rabbi Gerson South Area Religious School in Stoughton, Mass. Bailen, a Jewish educator and cantorial soloist, has been teaching in religious schools for the past 13 years. “She is young, bright and enthusiastic,” Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, religious leader of ATC, told the Stoughton Journal. “She will bring a new dynamism to the Gerson Religious School and our approach.” See the complete story here.

Cantor Shana Onigman, MJEd’06, Can’07, was profiled in the Aug. 12 New Jersey Jewish News about her recent cantorial appointment at Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael in Morristown, N.J. She had previously served as interim cantor for the Conservtaive congregation. Onigman said the gift of tradition is also a challenge at the century-old-plus synagogue.“You never know in an old congregation what things you can change and what things must be,” she said.

Sandra Kramer, MJEd'15, was featured in a front-page article in the Aug. 6 Jewish Advocate (sub. req.) about a new interest among synagogues for holding religious school on Saturdays rather than Sundays. The idea for the story stemmed from Kramer's master's thesis, "The Educational Gains and Tradeoffs of a Saturday Shabbat School Program." "We're living in very different times than in 1950s and 1960s America," said Kramer, who started Saturday religious programs in Wichita, Kan., and her native Cleveland. "Back then, Sundays were reserved for religion." — Posted Aug. 6, 2015 

Three faculty at the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education led workshops at NewCAJE 6, a national conference for Jewish educators held at the University of Hartford in Connecticut Aug. 2-5. They are: Deborah Skolnick Einhorn, assistant dean for academic development and advising, "Bringing History to Life"; Rachel Raz, director of the Early Childhood Institute, "Early Childhood Education for the 21st Century," "The Intentional Educator" and "It Takes a Village: Creating a Kehilla (Community)"; and Rabbi Michael Shire, Shoolman dean and chief academic officer of the college, "Torah Godly Play: Spiritual Development With Torah" and "Children's Writing About God." — Posted Aug. 6, 2015

Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion and rector of the Rabbinical School, recently returned from a three-week visit to Israel, where he taught both American rabbis and future Israeli rabbis at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Watch video one of his talks, "Matters of the Heart." Green also delivered divrei Torah at the Yakar (Orthodox) and Zion (Conservative) synagogues, and spoke at Kol HaNeshama, a Reform congregation. — Posted Aug. 5, 2015

Rabbi Sarah Tasman, Rab'12, director of the new Washington, D.C., office of InterfaithFamily, was profiled in Washington Jewish Week about her work supporting interfaith couples exploring Jewish life and inclusive Jewish communities. Tasman said she is often called upon to perform lifecycle events for families who have not felt welcomed by the Jewish community or don't know where to turn to keep Judaism in their life. "Most of the couple who come to me, they want a rabbi, or they would just get a justice of the peace," she said. — Posted July 29, 2015

Rabbi Shoshana Friedman, Rab'14, assistant rabbi at Temple Sinai in Brookline, Mass., was quoted in a July 27 Boston Globe article about Sunday's organized demonstration, led by area religious leaders, against Spectra Engergy's proposed expansion of a New Jersey-to-Boston gas pipeline that would run under several city streets in West Roxbury, Dedham and Westwood, Mass. Friedman said climate change is the pressing moral issue of our time, and religious leaders must speak out against practices that are destroying the environment. “The continuity of a livable planet starts in these very small and symbolic moments,” she said. — Posted July 27, 2015

Rabbi Randy Kafka, Rab'08, spiritual leader at Temple Kol Tikvah in Sharon, Mass., has self-published "So May It Be: Reflections on What Really Matters," a collection of her High Holy Day sermons of the last five years. She previously published "Bloom Where You Are Planted: A Spiritual Guide to Putting Down Roots." — Posted July 24, 2015

Rachel Raz, MJEd'04, director of the Early Childhood Institute, has published her second children's book, "The Colors of Israel" (Kar-Ben Publishing). Aimed at children 2 to 8 years old, the book showcases the many vibrant and beautiful colors of the land of Israel, from the red double-decker train in Akko to orange beach umbrellas in Tel Aviv. Raz served as both writer and photographer of the publication, which includes the English, Hebrew and transliterated words for all the colors. — Posted July 17, 2015

Cantor Kimberly Singer, MJEd'09, Can'09, has been named spiritual leader and religious school director at Temple Shir Shalom, a Reform congregation in Oviedo, Fla. She previously served as director of the choir and religious school at Temple Emanuel Sinai in Worcester, Mass. Singer told the Heritage Florida Jewish News that, as her own practice of Juadiasm grows, she looks forward to making an impact at her new congregation. "My core belief is that everything in life is potentially holy," she said. "It's much easier to find the holiness in a glorious sunset than in rush-hour traffic, so that would certainly be one of the challenges!" — Posted June 28, 2015

Rabbi Jane Kanarek, associate professor of rabbinics, served as co-editor, along with Charlotte Fonrobert and Marjorie Lehman, of the latest volume of Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues. The issue is a collection of feminist interpretations of the Talmud in honor of Rabbi Judith Hauptman's 70th birthday. Published by Indiana University Press, Nashim provides an international, interdisciplinary academic forum for the innovative work being done in Jewish women's and gender studies. — Posted June 25, 2015

Rabbi Michael Shire, dean of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education, has been appointed to a committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis that will focus on the future of Reform Jewish publishing. The group will consider current and anticipated future trends in publishing as well as how Jewish publishing impacts Jewish life as it seeks to set a roadmap for Reform Jewish publishing for the next 10 years. Members will participate in several webinars over the summer before coming together at a symposium in New York in October. — Posted June 19, 2015

Rabbi Tiferet Gordon Berenbaum, Rab'13, spiritual leader of the Reconstructionist Congregation Shir Hadash in Milwaukee, was profiled along with her husband, Joel, in a June 14 article in the Jewish Daily Forward. She is one of a handful of African-American rabbis to be ordained in the United States. Asked to describe her typical week, Berenbaum replied, "I love my schedule. I wake up when I want and set my own hours. Sometimes that's a blessing because I need to sleep in or do errands. Sometimes I sit in one spot and work from morning to night. But, I'm happy with it. Sunday is a community day, usually with music rehearsals for Friday nights or some community event. Mondays are my day off, I usually learn with my rabbi, Sarah Bracha, my chevruta sister in Boulder, Colo. I've started a Jewish after-school program here called Yavneh, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays are crazy because I'm usually putting the finishing touches on Shabbos services. Joel knows to stay out of my way." — Posted June 15, 2015

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld (above left), dean of the Rabbinical School, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from her alma mater, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, during the school's graduation ceremonies June 7. The honor coincides with Anisfeld's 25 years working in the rabbinate. She was recognized for enriching and supporting the lives of her students, both at Hebrew College and at Tufts, Yale and Harvard Hillels, and for helping nurture strong and vibrant Jewish communities through her writing and teaching. — Posted June 9, 2015

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, dean of the Rabbinical School, has been named to the Jerusalem Post's list of 50 most influential Jews who have impacted the world.Anisfeld was ranked No. 46 on the list, published today on the Post's website, for her stewardship of the Rabbinical School, which has ordained 70 transdenominational rabbis in its first 10 years. — Posted May 22, 2015

Rabbi Elisha Paul, Cert'14, head of school at Sulam, a K-12 Jewish school for diverse learners in Rockville, Md., has been appointed head of the Jewish High School of Connecticut in Stamford, Conn. He begins his new job July 1. "I am honored and excited to become JHSC's next head of school," Paul said. "In its relatively short existence, JHSC has already set itself apart as an excellent educational institution, steeped in Jewish values, and providing students with all of the skills they will need to succeed as leaders in their chosen fields and interests." Read more at the Connecticut Jewish Ledger website. — Posted May 21, 2015

Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion, delivered a lecture, "Day 46: Almost to the Mountain," May 20 at The Kitchen, a start-up religious community in San Francisco. — Posted May 20, 2015

Rabbi Chaim Koritzinsky, Rab'08, founding rabbi of the independent congregation Ruach Ami in Santiago, Chile, has been appointed rabbi of Congregation Etz Chayim in Palo Alto, Calif. Koritzinsky, a one-time Jewish community organizer in the former Soviet Union, will begin his new job July 20. Etz Chayim, which has 300 member families, melds Reform and Conservative traditions with elements from across the spectrum of Judaism. See more at the j., the Jewish news weekly of Northern California. — Posted April 25, 2015

Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, president of Hebrew College, was a respondent at an April 15 seminar celebrating Jonathan Krasner's appointment to the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Chair in Jewish Educational Research at Brandeis University. — Posted April 16, 2015

Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion, was quoted in a March 28 Boston Globe article about the growth of Chabad houses in Greater Boston over the past decade. "They've tapped into a real longing of people for something more serious and more spiritually alive," Green said. "Many synagogue services are rather dull, and something about Chabad captures a sort of new energy. They're very old fashioned, and in some ways they are the old European product, but they have a kind of spiritual passion about them that people long for and don't find in their liberal synagogues." — Posted March 28, 2015

Ayalon Eliach, a rabbinical student at Hebrew College, is one of 12 seminary and divinity school students chosen by FASPE (Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics) to participate in a two-week program for future clergy that will take place this summer in New York, Germany and Poland. Over the course of 12 days, he will participate in seminars run by leading scholars who serve as FASPE faculty, and attend lectures with a range of guest speakers. The program integrates historical, cultural, philosophical and literary sources; survivor testimony; and workshops in Berlin, Auschwitz and Krakow. — Posted March 27, 2015  

Cantor Brian Mayer, dean of the School of Jewish Music, conducted HaZamir, the International Jewish High School Choir, at the Lincoln Center in New York City on March 22. The choir is composed of 350 teens from 26 chapter choirs from across the United States and Israel. — Posted March 23, 2015 

Rabbi Elyssa Auster, Rab'11, director of Jewish life at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, Md., was named to the Jewish Daily Forward's list of America's Most Inspriring Rabbis for 2015. Thirty-three winners were selected by the paper, based on nominations from the public. Deb Litman nominated Auster in her capacity as visiting rabbi at B'er Chayim Temple in Cumberland, Md., where Litman serves as president. "Rabbi Auster brings a sincere and contagious joy for all things Jewish," Litman wrote. "She has given me, and others in our congregation, a renewed sense of excitement about our own Judaism." — Posted March 23, 2015

Rabbi Michael Shire, dean of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education, wrote an article, "Children's Writings About God," for the Spring 2015 issue of HaYidion magazine, published by RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network. The article is available here (pdf). — Posted March 23, 2015 

Kate Judd, a 2015 cantorial candidate in the School of Jewish Music, was profiled in the March 18 issue of The Commons, an independent weekly in Brattleboro, Vt. Upon graduation, Judd will begin as cantor of the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community, where she has served as spiritual adviser since 2013. "We've got a special kind of thing here, and it's different from the experience of the city or suburban Jew," she said. "I'm thrilled and delighted we made a good match." — Posted March 20, 2015 

Daniel Brosgol, director of Prozdor, was elected to a three-year term on the Bedford (Mass.) School Committee during town elections March 14. Brosgol, who won with 54 percent of the vote, took the oath of office this morning. He will take his seat on the committee Wednesday. — Posted March 16, 2015 

Rabbis Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Daniel Klein, Ebn Leader, Nehemia Polen and Or Rose participated in a daylong symposium, "Leaving Egypt Today: Passover Practices for Body and Soul," March 15 at the Schechter School in New York City. The symposium, co-hosted by Romemu, explored theological, ethical and ritual dimensions of Passover through text, prayer and song. — Posted March 15, 2015

Rabbi Daniel Klein, director of student life and director of admissions for the Rabbinical School, participated on a panel, "You Say Rabbi, I Say Shmabbi: A Conversation About the Future of Jewish Leadership," hosted Feb. 28 by Mishkan Chicago. Klein and fellow panelists Rabbi Benay Lappe of SVARA, Dan Liebenson from the Institute for the Next Jewish Future, and Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann of Mishkan Chicago discussed what it takes to lead Jews in the 21st century.  — Posted Feb. 28, 2015

Bernice Lerner, director of adult learning, published an article, "Moving Toward Jewish Literacy," in eJewish Philanthropy, in which she discusses the successes of Hebrew College's Meah, Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, Eser and Leaders in Adult Learning programs. "Through our Hebrew College-Combined Jewish Philanthropie partnership," she wrote,"we have been able to build on successes and try new ventures. We strive to create warm, welcoming and stimulating learning environments for adults of all ages and backgrounds." — Posted Feb. 19, 2015

Rabbi Michael Shire, dean of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education, and Rabbi Micah Lapidus, Cert'14, led a track on adolscent spirituality at NFTY Convention 2015 Feb. 13 to 17 in Atlanta. The leadership summit included one member of each of three cohorts of the Hebrew College Jewish emerging educators fellowship (JEEP), plus many of the Hebrew College's Professional development Institute for the BBYO organisation. — Posted Feb. 18, 2015

Rabbi Suzanne Offit, a 2009 graduate of the Rabbinical School and a member of the Board of Trustees, has been elected board chair of the Hadassah Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in New York City. "I am excited to take on this new challenge," Offit said in a release. "Both our new as well as continuing board members are well-equipped to further our mission to empower girls and women in Israel and the United States." — Posted Feb. 18, 2015

Rabbi Dan Judson, director of professional development and placement at the Rabbinical School, was quoted in a Feb. 2 New York Times article about the trend of temples and synagogues moving from a dues-based to voluntary-membership systems. "The dues system has fallen out of alignment with the zeitgeist," Judson said. "People want to feel that whatever they want to give to a religious community should be valued as a gift. They don't want to feel like they're giving money and still it's not good enough." — Posted Feb. 2, 2015

Cantor Louise Treitman, associate dean of the School of Jewish Music, sang with Zamir Chorale of Boston at the fourth annual Louis Lewandowski Festival Dec. 19 to 21 in Berlin, Germany. Joshua Jacobson, visiting professor and senior consultant in the School of Jewish Music, serves as conductor of the chorale. — Posted Dec. 22, 2014

Rabbi Micha'el Rosenberg, assistant professor of rabbinics, wrote an article, "The Conflation of Purity and Prohibition: An Interpretation of Leviticus 18:19," that was published in the October issue of the Harvard Theological Review. The article examines an issue that has received scant attention is recent studies of ritual impurity in biblical literature and early Judaism: the menstural laws of Leviticus.  — Posted Dec. 4, 2014

Bernice Lerner, director of adult learning, co-authored an article, "Boundary Crossers: Adult Jewish Learning Summit Explores Collaboration," that was published Nov. 16 on the eJewish Philanthropy website. — Posted Nov. 16, 2014

Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, president of Hebrew College, and Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion and rector of the Rabbinical School, led a panel discussion, "Jews in the Pews: A Portrait of Jewish America," Nov. 9 at Temple Israel of Natick. — Posted Nov. 9, 2014

Rabbi Israel de la Piedra, Rab'13, was profiled in an Oct. 20 South Florida Sun-Sentinal story for his work at the Miami Jewish Health Systems, an innovative healthcare provider with nursing facilities, assisted-living facilities and independent-living facilities. De la Piedra recently joined the organization as director of spiritual care. "I'm enormously excited. It's not every day that one has the opportunity of joining an institution like Miami Jewish Health Systems," de la Piedra said. "I think the objective of basing our work in Jewish values such as honoring our elders, hospitality and taking care of the sick and the frail, while at the same time celebrating diversity, is a great thing."  — Posted Oct. 24, 2014

Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion and rector of the Rabbinical School, served as scholar-in-residence for "Coming Home to Our Soul: Preparing for the Holy Days" Sept. 12 and 13 at the Jewish Community of Greater Stowe, in Stowe, Vt. Green delivered a sermon and lecture on Friday evening and led text study on Saturday. — Posted Sept. 13, 2014

Risa Wallach, MJEd'14, was profiled in a Sept. 11 article on new cantors in the Bay Area. Wallach, who will receive cantorial ordination next year, is a former social worker who was inspired to pursue the cantorate after being asked to help lead services. "The more I learned, the more I realized I wanted to become a cantor," she said.  — Posted Sept. 12, 2014

Sarah Bolts, a fourth-year student in the cantor-educator program, was featured in the Aug. 28 edition of the Brookline (Mass.) Tab. She discussed what a cantorial singer does and why she decided to become a cantor. See story here. — Posted Aug. 29, 2014

Nathan DeGroot, a fifth-year Rabbinical School student, received a $25,000 grant from the Natan Fund and NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation in support of his cooperative Jewish community and grassroots incubator, Mikdash, in Portland, Ore. The 2014 Natan/NEXT Grants for Social Entrepreneurs support ongoing cultural, spiritual, educational, service and community-building projects run by Jewish adults for their peers. See press release here. — Posted Aug. 19, 2014

Emilia Diamant, director of programming and initiatives at Prozdor, presented three sessions at NewCAJE 5, held Aug. 10 to 13 in Los Angeles. They were "Pop Culture Isn't Scary," "Social Work Principles in Jewish Education" and "A New Model for Social-Justice Education." — Posted Aug. 18, 2014

Rabbi Jane Kanarek, associate professor of rabbinics, had her book "Biblical Narrative and the Formation of Rabbinic Law" published by Cambridge University Press. Drawing on legal theory and models of rabbinic exegesis, Kanarek argues in the book for the centrality of biblical narrative in the formation of rabbinic law. — Posted Aug. 14, 2014

Rabbi Hannah Orden, Rab'10, was quoted in an Aug. 1 article on the Madison (N.J.) Eagle website about her new rabbinical position at Congregation Beth Hatikvah in Summit, N.J. "This is my passion," said Orden, a former teacher, actor and writer, "to build communities where people can make connections with each other, with Torah and with the divine spark in each of us and in the world." — Posted Aug. 2, 2014

Ri J. Turner, Cert'14, a student in the Rabbinical School, published an article, "The Women Rabbis of New Mexico: Southwest Offers Fertile Spiritual Environment for Rabbinate," in the July 25, 2014, issue of the Jewish Daily Forward. — Posted July 15, 2014

Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, president of Hebrew College, presented three sessions at the Limmud Bay Area Conference July 13 and 14 at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, Calif. They were "Creativity as a Jewish Educational Imperative," "Jewish Pluralism: Contemporary Contemplations on Rabbinical Radicalism" and "New Paradigms for a Postmodern Judaism: The Thought of Rabbi David Hartman." — Posted July 15, 2014

Rabbi Minna Bromberg, Rab'10, was profiled in the Reading (Pa.) Eagle July 12 about her new position at Hebrew College. This fall, she begins work as coordinator of the Rabbinical School's Year in Israel program in Jerusalem, where she'll teach about a dozen students. "I very much look forward to working with rabbinical students," she said. "I feel like the time is right for me to do this." — Posted July 13, 2014

Cantor Rick Lawrence, MJEd'14, Can'14, was profiled in the Cleveland Jewish News July 8 about his new position at Temple Emanu El in Orange, Ohio. "I see a cantor as an educator and as a community builder through the music that we make together," he said. "One of my goals is to help people make educated decisions about how they practice their Judaism, especially because Jewish practice is such a personal experience that is done inside of a communal setting." — Posted July 9, 2014

Bernice Lerner, director of adult learning, was featured in a Q&A in the May 21 Newton Tab. The article focused on Hebrew College's three adult-learning programs — Me'ah, Parenting Through a Jewish Lens and Eser. "Our aim is to awaken adult learners to the relevance and beauty of Jewish texts, to spur positive personal and communal transformation and to inspire continued learning," Lerner said. "We want adult learners to think about what it means to lead an ethical life, and what is worth transmitting to future generations." — Posted May 22, 2014

Cantor Brian Mayer, dean of the School of Jewish Music, was honored May 18 by Temple Emanu-El in Providence, R.I., for 25 years of service to the synaogue and the larger Jewish community. Mayer was cited for his commitment to the temple's youth, his religious school teaching and the development of the Kol Kesem/HaZamir teen choir. He has also established two adult choirs, Shir Emanu-El and the Temple Emanu-El choir, as well as the Shabbat Chai and Kol Klezmer bands. — Posted May 19, 2014

Sandy Miller-Jacobs, former professor of special education in the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Hebrew College, was presented with the S'fatai Tiftakh (Open My Lips) Award at the college's sixth annual GISHA conference May 4.  — Posted May 5, 2014

Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin, Rab'11, spiritual leader of Congregation Sha'arei Shalom in Ashland, Mass., was featured in an online Jewish Advocate story (sub.) for her efforts in advocating for a raise in the state's minimum wage. She was among 23 clergy who went to the Statehouse April 10 to urge lawmakers to pass a strong minimum wage bill. "I think people often think this is somebody else's problem and that Jews don't face poverty," Ronkin said. "But in Ashland, our people are struggling, the economy has hit them hard." — Posted April 23, 2014

Rabbi Dan Judson, director of professional development and placement at the Rabbinical School, was quoted in an April 20 Boston Globe North story about the trend of area temples and synagogues moving from a dues-based to voluntary-membership systems. "In the contemporary milieu, people don't want to feel like they're being obligated to pay for their synagogue the same way they pay dues to a health club," Judson said. "They want to feel like they are giving freely and of their heart to a community that means something to them." — Posted April 20, 2014

Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, president of Hebrew College, and Emilia Diamant, director of programming and initiatives for Prozdor, were featured speakers at "Bring Learning to Life," a program honoring President Barry Shrage's 25th anniversary at CJP, April 6 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston. — Posted April 7, 2014

Emilia Diamant, director of programming and initiatives for Prozdor, co-authored a commentary, "Cultivating a Spiritual Intensity," for the journal Sh'ma, which appeared online April 1. — Posted April 2, 2014

Rabbi Sarah Tasman, Rab'12, was the subject of an April 4 feature article in the New Haven (Conn.) Independent. Tasman is leading a three-week program that combines her love of yoga with the havdalah religious ceremony that marks the end of the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday evenings. "When you come into yoga, that's like having a mini-Shabbat," she said. — Posted April 5, 2014

Cantor Brian Mayer, dean of the School of Jewish Music, conducted Max Helfman's setting of "Hashkiveinu" at the 21st annual concert of HaZamir, the international Jewish high school choir, today at Carnegie Hall in New York City. — Posted March 30, 2014

Rabbi Arthur Green, Irving Brudnick Professor of Philosophy and Religion and rector of the Rabbinical School, led a daylong conference, "Neochasidism: Inspirational Chasidic Insights for the 21st Century," March 23 at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, N.Y. Other participants from Hebrew College were Rabbi Ebn Leader, faculty member in the Rabbinical School; Rabbi Or Rose, director of the Center for Global Judaism; and Jessica Kate Meyer, a student in the Rabbinical School. — Posted March 24, 2014

Rabbi Michael Shire, dean of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education, led two sessions for the Jewish Educators Council of Rochester, N.Y., on March 20. One sessions was devoted to the changing landscape and ecosystem of Jewish education; the other introduced the spiritual pedagogy of Torah Godly Play. — Posted March 21, 2014

hinda eisen delivers klein lecture at northeastern universityHinda Tzivia Eisen, Can'14, MAJS'14, delivered the Gideon Klein Lecture Tuesday at Northeastern University's Holocaust Commemoration event. Eisen's pre­sen­ta­tion hon­ored German-Jewish inmates at the West­er­bork deten­tion camp, who staged six the­atrical pro­duc­tions from July 1943 to June 1944. Located in the north­east region of the Nether­lands, the camp famously housed Anne Frank and her family before they were deported to Auschwitz. See story here. — Posted March 19, 2014

Emilia Diamant, director of programming and initiatives at Prozdor, was quoted in a March 16 Boston Sunday Globe article [sub.] on the affect the political crisis in Ukraine is having on that country's Jewish population. Diamant recently led a group of high-school students on a weeklong trip to the Ukranian city of Dnepropetrovskl, home to 40,000 to 50,000 Jews. She said she told her students, "Some day your kids will study this, and you will tell them 'I was there.' We were there for one of the turning points, for a historic world moment." — Posted March 16, 2014

Andrea Kasper, MJEd'07, director of teaching and learning at the Krieger Schechter Day School in Baltimore, has been appointed head of school at the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford in Connecticut. In addition to her career as a Jewish educator, Kasper is also a contemporary dancer who has performed and choreographed throughout the United States and danced with the Momentum Dance Company in Panama City, Panama. See full release of her appointment. — Posted March 9, 2014

Rabbi Dan Judson, director of professional development and placement at the Rabbinical School, was the featured subject of Reform Judaism magazine's spring 2014 cover story, "When Jews Choose Their Dues." Judson, who has written extensively on the history of American synagogues and money, discussed the new "free will"  model of congregational support — whereby members pledge an annual contribution of their own volition — being adopted by many Reform synagogues. "Ultimately, I think we are going to see many more congregations adopting a free will model," Judson said. "Members want to feel good about giving to their synagogue, and this system allows that to happen in deeper ways than a dues model." — Posted March 5, 2014

Cantor Lynn Torgove, MAJS'11, Can'12, head of vocal arts in the School of Jewish Music, was a featured mezzo soprano solist in Zamir Chorale of Boston's March 2 performance of the oratorio "Like Wildflowers Suddenly" at Congregation Mishkan Tefila in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Josh Jacobson, visiting professor in the School of Jewish Music, served as conductor. — Posted March 3, 2014