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This spring, j
oin other Jewish young adults to talk about modern living, finding meaning and Jewish responses to universal queries. Our 10 Not-So-Small Questions will include big topics like life’s purpose, society, gender and Israel. Register here. 


Previous Eser Top Tens

10 Ethical Dilemmas: What Would You Do? 
Discuss sticky situations that challenge our assumptions and explore Jewish and contemporary ideas on issues including Jewish responsibility for other communities, free
speech vs. offensive speech, the environment, commerce and relationships.

10 Social Issues You Can’t Ignore
We discussed the most hotly debated topics in the year’s presidential election, including physician assisted suicide, immigration reform, reproductive rights, capital punishment and gun control. 

Top 10 Jewish Cultural Creations
Through storytelling, food, music and more, the Jewish people have influenced and been influenced by the surrounding society. In each session we discovered how Jewish ideas connect us to our past while keeping us grounded today. 

10 Best Kept Jewish Secrets
Together we poked around in curious corners of Jewish life. We engaged in conversation on a number of little-known and fascinating Jewish topics including tattoos, sexuality and superstition. 

Top 10 Influential Jews 
Moses, Golda Meir and Stan Lee, just to name a few. We took a journey through the lives of some of the most interesting and influential Jews in history and learned about ourselves along the way. 

Top 10 Jewish Innovations 
Where would society be without Jewish contributions? Innovation has always been essential to our people whether through powerful practices like Shabbat or Shiva, the ability to question one’s faith or the tradition of machloket, or debate.


“I had found a judgment-free place where I could learn, where I could express an opinion, and where a huge range of Jewish experience was accepted and celebrated. I remember teaching someone how to do the blessings over the candles; it was their first Shabbat and instead of embarrassment, there was joy.”


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