rabbinical students during morning prayer in the beit midrash

Spiritual Growth

Nurturing the Heart, Mind and Soul

Hebrew College rabbinical students are encouraged to cultivate a personally nourishing and sustaining spiritual practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition. For us, this is the basis of being a spiritual guide and companion for others.

We have created a dynamic, meaningful prayer community in which we welcome and encourage engagement with traditional Jewish liturgy and prayer forms, as well as experimentation and creativity.

Some mornings, our "shacharit" (morning prayer service) includes a full, traditional liturgy. Other mornings, it is an innovative take on Jewish prayer, experimenting with liturgy, music, silence and/or movement.

Students form smaller prayer groups, based on goals and interests, that both pray together and meet weekly to reflect on their practice.

Our tefillah program is truly a communal endeavor that supports the cultivation of your practice and prepares you to lead others into prayer. 

Developing Deeper Meaning

We offer two other optional and fully funded opportunities that support your spiritual growth.

Ikvotecha (Spiritual Direction)

During monthly meetings with their "mashpia" (spiritual director), students reflect on their spiritual life, personal theology and religious practice through conversation, meditation, written reflection and artistic expression. Ikvotecha helps students cultivate a stance of openness to the fullness of life, deeper awareness of moments of holiness and greater ability to be in silence and offer spontaneous prayer. 

Rabbinic Writing Institute

Students have the opportunity to explore writing as a spiritual practice with author and teacher Merle Feld. During monthly meetings, Feld helps students develop and examine their own inner lives through writing. Under Feld’s guidance, students also learn to be more effective spiritual leaders as she draws on her wisdom and years of teaching experience to help them with their personal and professional challenges.

spiritual renewal


A founding faculty member of the Rabbinical School, Rabbi Ebn Leader has gained an international reputation as a Jewish spiritual teacher in the neo-Hasidic tradition and an authority on Jewish prayer.

“You cannot be a spiritual leader without being invested in your own spiritual practice,” Leader says. “And investment means radical honesty and constant practice.”